The Maxims Violation Of Cooperative Principles In The Movie Entitled The Adam Project

  • Cakra Sagiarta Lee Dhyana Pura University
  • Trisha Endah Setiawati Dhyana Pura University
  • Gek Wulan Novi Utami Dhyana Pura University
  • Ni Luh Desy Suari Dewi Dhyana Pura University
  • I Gede Neil Prajamukti Wadhana Dhyana Pura University
Keywords: Cooperative Principle, The Adam Project, Maxims Violation, Flouting, Communication


In pragmatic research, conversations or utterances are important things to pay attention to because the speakers' use of language has an impact. Interestingly, the communication that we do usually does not necessarily follow the rules of maxims so we get the result of violating the rules of maxims. This study analyzed the detailed factor of violation and flouting of maxims which affect the way people communicate on a daily basis which are quietly violating to misleading, opting out, clashing, and flouting. This study utilized the qualitative method with the total of 17 data combined on each of the maxims acquired through the movie The Adam Project and analyzed by utilizing the theory of Cooperative Principle and Maxims. The results indicated that data about all types of maxim are found and for quantity and relation maxims, both are mostly violated by quietly violating to reach misleading purposes whereas quality and manner tend to be flouted to create conversational implicature, which the hearer should make an effort to understand the utterance


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