Female’s Language Stylistic In The Movie

  • Km Tri Sutrisna Agustia English Literature Study Program, Dhyana Pura University
Keywords: Female Language Features, Language Functions, Movie


This study aimed at finding out the types of female language feature by Joy’s character and describing the language function to convey the message in conversation context in the movie entitled Joy. This study applied descriptive qualitative approach. There were 36 data analyzed in this study. In analyzing data, the theory by Robin Lakoff (1975) to find the types of female language features and the theory by Jody Pearson (1985) is used in describing the language function of language features. The result shows that 9 types out of 10 types of female language features are found which are lexical hedges, tag question, rising intonation, empty adjectives, intensifier, hypercorrect grammar, super polite form, avoidance swear word, emphatic stress. All kinds of language function are found in Joy’s utterance that are the function to express uncertainty, to get response, to soften an utterance, to start a discussion and to express feeling or opinions. It can be concluded that in using language Joy uses features that have some functions to convey the message into the interlocutor


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